The Center for Success and Independence   ~   Healing Lives, Building Futures

What clients and their families are saying about us

“Before The Center, I was a kid lost in a cold and dangerous world, with no hope, no direction, only dreams of becoming something important. Now I’m a young lady whose reality is finally better than her dreams.”

“They care about your child succeeding and being able to grow up with values, respect and to love themselves.”

“We will forever be indebted to The Center for giving us our daughter back.”



In times of crisis and challenge, knowing where to turn puts you on the road to success and recovery. The Center for Success and Independence (TCSI) – an adolescent residential treatment center -- is the solution for troubled youth and their families.

Here’s why:

  • We have a proven success rate for clients who complete the program.
  • Our team is trained, experienced, dedicated, well educated and genuinely cares.
  • Our residential program utilizes proven methods.
  • We offer a complete Dialectical Behavior Therapy program specifically for adolescents.
  • We’re a freestanding dual-diagnosis intensive adolescent residential treatment centers.
  • We transform youths and teens in crisis into productive members of society.

The Center for Success and Independence Treats

• Adolescents 12-17

• Addictive disorders

• Emotional distress

• Behavioral issues

• Trauma (abuse, neglect and abandonment)

But we don't stop there. Treatment is coupled with confidence building and social skills programs so our clients can successfully interact with the community again. 


Helping Families Turn Despair Into Dreams.

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Teens from the Center for Success and Independeance knit for newborns at Ben Taub Hospital in HoustonOur Video

Watch students and faculty talk about their experiences at
The Center for Success and Independence.

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