Deacons of Deadwood Award TCSI $22,500 Grant

The Deacons of Deadwood Motorcycle Club, a Houston-based motorcycle club founded to raise funds for children’s charities, awarded the Center for Success and Independence a generous grant of $22,500.

The distinctive sound of over 25 Harley-Davidson motorcycles resonated as they rolled into the Center’s front parking lot. Center staff, clients, and their parents greeted the entourage with cheers. The Deacons took time to let the kids sit on and start their bikes and answered the kids’ many questions.

After enjoying refreshments, the Deacons toured the Center’s facility with CEO Robert Woods. They acknowledged how well connected and respected the Center is throughout the Houston area especially within the recovery community. Wanting to work even further with the Center, the Deacons expressed interest in collaborating on a grant in the near future.

The current grant dollars received from the Deacons of Deadwood are expected to be used in multiple ways that may include treatment scholarships, client outings, sporting equipment, and more.