For over 20 years, the Center for Success and Independence has treated thousands of teens for mental health and addiction disorders, healing lives and building futures.

Meet Sara. When Sara first came to the Center for Success and Independence she had already been through several treatment programs at other facilities without much progress being made. With few tangible results, Sara was feeling alone and scared. She had reached a point where she felt completely hopeless and didn't want to live anymore. Through her treatment at the Center, Sara learned the necessary coping skills to deal with past traumas that up until that point she hadn't wanted to face. Today Sara clearly sees her real value and is excited about her future.

Help us give teens like Sara the tools they need to clear the hurdles in their lives and become everything they can be. Every dollar you give will be used to extend the stay of a teen who has not yet completed their treatment.

Now more than ever we are called upon to make a difference.

Help heal a life. Help build a future.