Recreation Alternative Program

Through the generous support of the Rockwell Foundation, The Center for Success and Independence established the Recreation Alternative Program (RAP) in fall 2015, a peer support program that is easilyRecreational Alternative Program - RAP accessible reaching minority and low income adolescents in Houston, Texas. 

Our afterschool recovery program includes a two day a week curriculum designed for adolescents ages 12 to 17 in recovery for substance abuse. The program is offered as part of the adolescents’ court ordered requirements to meet the criteria for probation and provides a support system for adolescents and their families.

Youth who leave residential treatment facilities must have alternative activities and a sober setting in order to learn how to live a sober life outside of residential treatment. The program will have the added benefit of aiding clients in completing their probation.         

What is RAP?

RAP is designed for adolescents with substance abuse, mental health and behavioral health concerns as reported by Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. 

The Recreation Alternative Program is an 8 week program for two days a week, a total of 8 hours weekly, and is located at or in close proximity to the Juvenile Probation CUPS units (community unit probation services). RAP includes proven counseling techniques, relapse prevention, anger management, parent/teen combined groups, recreation, nutrition, parenting skills, discipline support and ways of rewarding teens and parents for positive family, spiritual and social harmony in addition to recreational, social and art activities for the teens.

At the end of the eight week program, the teens and their parents or guardians will receive a certificate of completion and attendance rewards.

Why RAP?

There are currently no Alternative Peer Groups (APGs) located in low income and primarily minority areas of Houston, Texas which have a high prevalence of violent crime and single mother households. With early intervention and ongoing intervention, adolescents with a history of substance abuse are less likely to relapse and escalate their substance abuse. Teens who participate in an APG are less likely to relapse. Most adolescents with substance abuse concerns also present with a behavioral and/or emotional disorder. However, Alternative Peer Groups (APGs) do not include mental health therapy. The Recreation Alternative Program (RAP) addresses substance abuse, behavior and emotional concerns helping to ensure that the adolescents will maintain their sobriety.

Because the program is located in close proximity to outpatient probation sites, it is accessible to teens who also are required to have regular meetings with their probation officers. This proximity enables program staff to work closely with probation officers to assure participation.  

 We look forward to reporting on the outcomes of our first RAP cycles. If you have any questions about TCSI's Recreation Alternative Program, please contact Robert Woods at 713. 426.4545.

What our clients say

Better than her dreams

Before The Center, I was a kid lost in a cold and dangerous world, with no hope, no direction -- only dreams of becoming something important. Now I’m a young lady whose reality is finally better than her dreams.

~ 16 year old girl at time of treatment

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