Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Personal commitment, motivation and effort are crucial elements needed to break addictions and achieve sobriety. We use motivational enhancement therapy (MET) at TCSI to unlock the resolve clients have inside, resolve that is essential to their personal success and independence from addictions.shutterstock_84518011

The goal of MET is to create a receptive atmosphere which encourages the adolescent’s resolve and fosters their self-control. Rather than engaging the client’s defense mechanisms through confrontational discourse, the therapist works with the client to create positive affirmations and a sense of inner willingness to facilitate change. Once that is achieved, the client becomes receptive to the healing process and progresses toward wellness.

Youths and teens who are faced with the challenge of substance abuse experience emotional and mental symptoms including resistance, narcissism, relational difficulties, and moodiness. Motivational Enhancement Therapy has been proven to provide substantial relief from these symptoms and has been recognized as a useful tool for gaining control of these unwanted behavior patterns. MET can be applied to clients regardless of their commitment level and the course of treatment is usually brief. It has shown significant efficacy in clients who have previously demonstrated strong resistance to or weak motivation for change. It is particularly helpful to adolescents dealing with similar issues.


What our clients say

Hope for her future

We will forever be indebted to The Center for giving us our daughter back. Our hope for her future is there again.