Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Center for Success and Independence was awarded a grant from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, funded through the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration (SAMHA), to provide the following to adolescents though the Harris County Texas juvenile justice program:Trauma Focused CBT

  • Trauma-informed screening, assessment and treatment services
  • New trauma-informed and trauma-focused practices

TCSI's Safety Acceptance Freedom and Empowerment Program (SAFE) targets youths, ages 12 to 17, because of the high prevalence of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in this age group and the links between traumatic stress and escalating delinquency.

Key aspects for the program include:

  • Providing trauma-informed assessment and residential treatment using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).
  • Screening adolescents for PTSD at Harris County Juvenile Probation (HCJP) sites.
  • Implementing trauma-informed practice and new trauma-focused intervention in The Center's residential program, with new services delivered to clients.
  • Providing training and technical assistance to HCJP staff in trauma-informed services.

The Center of Success and Independence is a member of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

What our clients say

For the better, forever

The Center changed our lives for the better, forever. It was a team effort – and nothing short of a miracle. The hard work from the dedicated team of counselors at TCSI -- along with the hard work that my daughter and I did, sometimes reluctantly, but continuously -- has paid off in every aspect of our lives. We’ll remain forever grateful.

~ Parent of a 15 year old girl at time of treatment